Individual Courses

New for 2012, Appraisal University is making its courses available individually. This option is helpful for appraisers and assessors who only need to copmplete one course this period, or those in states where only seven hours of CE may be completed online per year.

If you need more than one course, would like to complete courses for this and next year's cycle, or want to review additional courses for research or self-education, a subscription is almost certainly a much better bargain for you.

View individual courses and purchase them from our Individual Course Catalog page.

Individual Course Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Individual Courses?

Costs vary by course, but range from $39 - $99 each, and $125 for the 7-Hour USPAP Update Course. Typical seven-hour CE courses are $79 each. You can see all course prices on our Individual Course Catalog page.

Who can purchase Individual Courses?

Anyone. Most of our subscribers and students are licensed real estate appraisers who complete courses to meet their continuing education requirements. Others are assessors, appraiser trainees, and individuals interested in learning more about the real estate appraisal practice.

Why are you now offering courses individually?

We heard from appraisers who needed only one course, and those in states where only seven hours are allowed online, that they wanted to take our courses, but didn;t ned a subscription. This is our way of meeting that need.

How do I purchase a course?

Simply visit our Individual Course Catalog page and purchase one or more courses. Once your purchase is complete, you can start your course(s) right away.

Is paying online with a credit card safe?

It is with us. Our website is secure and we use extra-strength 128-bit SSL encryption. We never store your credit card information so there is no chance that anyone could steal it from us.

Do I get a discount if I'm already a subscriber

Yes, a 100% discount. Subscribers can add any course in our catalog for free. Subscribers can add the USPAP Update Course (when available) for only $119.

Will I get a receipt for my purchase?

Yes. We send you a receipt by email and you can always print another while logged in.

Do I need to purchase books?

No. You are not required to purchase anything additional to complete a course. We provide you with purchase information for any reference materials that you may desire, however these are never required for you to complete a course.

There is one single exception - the AQB charges a fee for use of the required USPAP book for USPAP Update courses. We charge students who take Appraisal University's USPAP update course this fee and it is passed on to the AQB with the roster information when the student completes the course.

How much time does it take to complete a course?

Most of our courses are approved for 7 CE credit hours, though they vary from 2 to 9 hours. These numbers provide you with a rough expectation of the time required for presentations, quizzes, and exams.

How long do I have to complete a course?

You need to complete a course within six months of purchase, and before the course approval expires in the state in which you are seeking credit. You will be notified on the website and by email if and when you have 30 days or less to complete any partially-completed course. You do not need to complete a course in one sitting. You can stop at any time and resume where you left off.

How do I get a completion certificate?

Active subscribers can, at any time, print completion certificates for any course they have completed. Inactive subscribers can send us a request and we'll mail them one.

Can I use your courses for MBREA / IAAO / OTHER continuing education requirements?

Yes. All Appraisal University courses meet the MBREA's, IAAO's, and [another well-known appraisal organization we were asked not to name on our website]'s criteria and are therefore acceptable for member education requirements. None of these organizations pre-approves education - you'll need to submit the courses following the organization's rules, details of which we've included in our member support section.

What about that "other well-known appraisal organization we were asked not to name on our website"? We will gladly provide that information to you on request. Please contact us if you're curious about how to get credit in any appraisal organization toward their designations, including the "organization we have been asked not to name on our website".

My state requires you to submit course records electronically. How much does this cost me?

Nothing. We process all State requirements for mail or electronic delivery of licensee records at no cost to you.

Can I change my personal and license information?

Yes, at any time. Just login and visit the My Account section of the website to make changes.

Will my information remain private?

Absolutely! We will not sell, lease, or expose your information to anyone else for any reason except where required by regulatory agencies or legal authorities as detailed in our Privacy Policy..

I'm licensed in more than one state. What's the added cost?

Nothing. You can add unlimited licenses and certifications, and a certificate of completion will be available for each at no cost for up to six months after purchase.

Who are you people?

We are an efficiently-sized band of hard working professionals with a lot of experience in online professional continuing education, real estate appraisal and brokerage, technology, classroom teaching, and business. We work really hard at this because we really love it. Read more in the About Us section.

Why are you doing this?

We want to make professional real estate education relevant, affordable, and convenient.